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Christmas as Usual [Hindi] (2023) (WEB-DL)
Thea is going to her rural hometown to celebrate a classic Norwegian Christmas with her family, but this year she's bringing along Jashan, her Indian

Medusas Venom [Hindi] (2023) (WEB-DL)
The beast is back and her venom is deadlier than ever. When newcomer Lola is welcomed into Medusa's circle, she endures a ritual to bring her closer t

Apocalypse Dawning of the Dead [Hindi] (2017) (BluRay)
While a virus that causes the dead to reanimate brings the world to its knees, a group of survivors must fight their way through a horde of biological

Project Ithaca [Hindi] (2019) (BluRay)
A group of strangers awaken aboard an alien spacecraft. Divided they will die. Together, they can find a way home.

The Ex [Hindi] (2021) (BluRay)
The story of how social networks and instant messengers are changing the life of a modern person.

Candy Cane Lane [Hindi] (2023) (WEBRip)
A man is determined to win the neighborhood's annual Christmas decorating contest. He makes a pact with an elf to help him win--and the elf casts a sp

Corner Office [Hindi] (2023) (WEBRip)
As Orson, The Authority's newest employee, finds himself trapped in the absurdities of corporate life, his alienation deepens when he discovers a room

Family Switch [Hindi] (2023) (WEB-DL)
When a chance encounter with an astrological reader causes the Walkers to wake up to a full body switch, can they unite to land a promotion, college i

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny [Hindi] (2023) (BRRip)
Archaeologist Indiana Jones races against time to retrieve a legendary artifact that can change the course of history.

Chinese Zodiac [Hindi] (2012) (BluRay)
Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan) leads a mercenary team to recover several lost artifacts from the Old Summer Palace, the bronze heads of the 12 Chinese Zodia

Landscape with Invisible Hand [Hindi] (2023) (WEB-DL)
When an occupying alien species' bureaucratic rule and advanced technology leaves most of Earth impoverished and unemployed, two teenagers hatch a ris

Ten The Secret Mission [Hindi] (2017) (WEB-DL)
Secret SIS service hires an extraordinary team of ten females to release a daughter of USA ambassador , who is hold as hostage on tropical island of I

The Private Life of a Modern Woman [Hindi] (2020) (WEB-DL)
An actress's nightmare about killing her ex-boyfriend somehow becomes a reality.

15 Killings [Hindi] (2020) (BluRay)
A neurologist visits an incarcerated serial killer living in exile to study his brain and discovers the horror that lurks behind his violent impulses.

Smugglers [Hindi] (2023) (WEBRip)
An action crime film set in the 1970s in a small, peaceful village by the sea where two women get unexpectedly caught up in a high-stakes smuggling sc

I Saw The Devil [Hindi] (2010) (BluRay)
A secret agent exacts revenge on a serial killer through a series of captures and releases.

Elf Me [Hindi] (2023) (WEB-DL)
Trip, an unconventional elf who builds bizarre weapons rather than toys, crosses path with Elia, a shy kid from a village in the Italian mountains. In

Last Call for Istanbul [Hindi] (2023) (WEB-DL)
A chance meeting at the airport leads two married people to an unforgettable night full of excitement, desire, and temptation in New York City.

UFO Sweden [Hindi] (2022) (BluRay)
A rebellious teen placed in foster care suspects her father is not dead but has been abducted. She is determined to find out the truth with help from

The Pagan King [Hindi] (2018) (BluRay)
On his deathbed, the reigning king bestows power to an unexpected heir who must find strength within himself to unite his people against the violent c

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