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Do not make new thread for requesting your Song's / Albums. Do request it in Sticky thread.
Do Not flood.
Do not make unnecessary threads.

Do upload in respective Subsections

Upload any 'Other' category albums in the Main Music Mania Section.

Do search before you start uploading to avoid re-upload.

Tagged pic/Name of other site in the uploads is Not Allowed.

Don't create thread for single song! For that you can add those songs in the respective Sticky thread!
Due to demand from members, 320kbps bitrate is now allowed! Please while uploading a 320kbps album!
Make sure it is a genuine source! Otherwise the quality will not be upto the mark! It is a request to all the uploaders to believe in quality rather than quantity! So Kindly upload files from a genuine source which is reliable and rips a true 320KBPS files! Of course even if you are not uploading from good source but the files are 320KPBS, then it will be allowed but it will spoil the uploaders image in view of the members who are downloading the files and in view of staffs too!

Upload according to the taste of Asian community! There are hundreds of albums released daily that doesn't mean you upload anything and everything!

You should see the rating of the album! If it is worth only then upload! So that it is beneficial!

Full album in zip is not allowed to be uploaded on Frendz4m server! If you want to share the full album, give links of some good decent filehosting!

The rules made here are prepared in the view to give the forum members best content with good quality and also in view of server space! As you all know this is a mobile community and is not funded! To cut down the cost of the server, it is very necessary, that the uploads are rated and not just anything and everything that is available on net!
So it is a request to all the uploaders to kindly follow all the rules, because you make this community live and active! Too much server load will ultimately cost increased cost of the server space and ultimately lead to the shut down of your beloved forum! Kindly keep this note in mind!


Frendz Staff

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Explanation of True 320KBPS
If you will convert a FLAC (Original lossless audio) or WAV (Raw audio file) to mp3 with a parameters of
Audio Bitrate - 320KBPS
Sampling Frequency - 48000KHz
Channels - Stereo
Then it is considered as true 320kbps!

What some rippers do is take a 256kbps m4a (itunes rip audio) and convert it into 320kbps mp3! So the original quality is not that which you get it in a true 320KBPS!
So it is a request that you all upload from source which rips the audio from a lossless flac or raw audio files or either it is a dvd or cd release!

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