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Expand the possibilities of your device by one of the most powerful features you could imagine - Answering Machine. Play messages and set up greetings directly on your smartphone. Don't spend any more money on voice mail!

- Ability to set different greetings for contacts, groups and phone numbers;
- Playback of messages directly in the application;
- Possibility to define a list of profiles in which the application is active, which allows integration with our Best Profiles for S60 3rd edition software where you can set a schedule for profile switching;

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Best Answering Machine

File Name: Best Answering Machine

Version: v1.04

Description: Given

Screenshot Link:


Application Usage Catg: File Manager

More Info Link:

Attachment : .Best_Answering_Machine.sisx ( 369.56 KB ) [ 52 hits]( B, A )

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