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Download Trick found by me.:

Q.1 Is it possible to download a file or attachment from frendz4m without even clicking on it?
Q2. Is it possible to download even when fzdownloads is not working or showing remote con error or any other error?
Q.3 Is it possible to download a very old file which shows 404 Not found error?

Answer is yes to all above questions. Answer to Q.3 was given by shivam bro long ago so thanx to him. This was the trick which i used few days ago when download was not workin. Bt i used it with complicated method now i have simplified it here i am presenting it to u. Enjoy!
Note: This trick might look long or lenghty bcoz i hav tried to eliminate all doubt even if a newbie reads this post. So read it carefully its very simple to do n very useful.

How to download an attachment even without clicking it?

Sorry to tell u it works only with opera mini 4.2 labs edition u cn get it from here:
n those operamini having view url option when we press 1
n latest ucweb 7.2 which has view url option in mobile. Its not for pc users.

I hav nokia n73 n operamini 4.2 labs edition browser. So to download a file suppose u want to download waka waka song from killerboy's thread without clicking it.
* Keep ur cursor of opmini on waka waka attachment.

* Now press 1 (if u use opmini or press # if u use ucweb) and go to option view url.

*Now when u click on view url u will get a link. Like this :-

Note: in the above image the user id n userno is of my id. When u get the link it will be different according to ur user id.

*Now just remove ''link.php?link='' and replace '''' by ''''.
Ur link should look like this:

*Thats it now click ok and u will ur direct download link.
In this case its
Note: In above link 57168 is my id. It will be ur id when u download a file.

After doing above procedure i m getting 404 not found, what should I do?

Ya many times u may get the above problem when u download a file which was uploaded many days ago. For example if u click on the link of waka waka i got u will 404 not found coz that song was uploaded long time ago. So what u must do? Follow this simple step:
* Press #1 (if u use opera mini or # in ucweb) n press down arrow u will c insert symbol option.

*Click on insert symbol u will c this type of link(here i m using the waka waka link)

* Just remove ''57168:*****@www.frendz4m'' n Replace it by '''' or'''' . Ur link should look like this:

*Thats it u will get ur download link.

Note:- If u use reliance and copy download link to ucweb or default browser while downloading big files u have to always use the above link i mean fzdownloads link.

Still i m getting 404 not found error even after doing above conversion of link, what to do?

Ya many times when we download very old files which were uploaded 4-5 years ago they get deleted from fzdownload server so u just add ''/old'' after attachment in ur download link. Ur link should look like this: (chk diff in above link n dis link).

I use Pc or browser other than operamini or ucweb, how can i use this trick when fzdownloads stop working and i want to download?

Answer : U click on the attachment then ,get this type url :

edit url as done in step 1 and get the download link.

Note: This trick is very useful when downloads is not working on the forum or ur n/w is slow. It saves time. This trick does not work if u try to download a file which is u urself has uploaded.

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Trick to dwnld directly via Any UC version -

Many of us use latest UC Browser for downloading huge file and for old large file sometimes we get ' 404 additional error ' then what to do ?
I have a solution ,i tried it with old video which was giving error as not found.

When u get this error just edit that address example if it were
then save this link as bookmark in ur UC and then edit it and make it like this
means replace ' downloads ' with ' www. '
And now open that link u will get save link..thats it

its working just try it n post...

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great work.. i'll also add some new stuff as soon as possible...

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Good work dude

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